how-to: screen record fl studio (pc)

Download & Install Free Software

Set up FL Studio
FL Audio Settings image

  • Options > Audio settings > FL Studio ASIO

  • Click Show ASIO panel

  • Set Buffer Length (according to your set up)

  • Input > [ Default Input ]

    If you want to record voiceover (VO) audio with an XLR mic from FL, set the mic source here. Recording VO from FL can increase latency. Alternatively, you can set up a mic (USB/XLR) in OBS.

  • Output > CABLE Input (VB-Audio Virtual Cable)

Set up Your Desktop Playback Device
PC System Sounds image

  • Open PC Sound settings > Select Speakers / Headphones (Realtek Audio)

    This allows you to hear the audio coming out of FL Studio. Use headphones to avoid a feedback loop if you plan to record VO.

Set up Global OBS Properties

  • Audio
    OBS Audio Settings image
    1. File > Settings > Audio > Sample Rate > 44Khz

      If you change the sample rate to 48khz in OBS, change it to 48khz in FL Studio. The sample rate for all of your audio sources should match.

    2. Channels > Stereo.

    3. Desktop Audio Device > Default

    4. Desktop Audio Device 2 > Disabled

    5. Mic/Auxiliary Device > Disabled

      Select your mic source if you plan to record VO.

    6. Mic/Auxiliary Device 2 > Disabled

    7. Mic/Auxiliary Device 3 > Disabled

      You can leave the remaining options at the default settings.

  • Video
    OBS Video Settings image
    1. File > Settings > Video > Base (Canvas) Resolution > 1920x1020

      Select the resolution optimal for your set up.

    2. Output (Scaled) Resolution > 1920x1080

      Some people prefer 1280x720 for live-streaming on YouTube.

    3. Downscale Filter > Bicubic (Sharpened scaling, 16 samples) Default setting.

    4. Common FPS Values > 30

      24 or 30 should suffice. Some YouTubers use 60. If your set up can handle it, go for it.

  • Recording
    OBS Recording Settings image
    1. File > Settings > Output > Advanced > Recording > Type > Standard Default setting.

    2. Recording Path > Add the location where you plan to store your raw video files

    3. Recording Format > Select your desired video format

      Leave the remaining settings (Audio Track, Encoder, Rescale Output, Customer Mixer Settings) as is unless you want to make changes.

Set up a New Scene & Record a Video
OBS Main Window image

  • Scene Collection > New

    Your new "Scene" should appear in the Scenes section of OBS. Right-click the scene to rename it.

  • Add video: Sources > Click the + button > Window Capture > Display 0: 1920 x1080 & 0,0

    You can also use the Display Capture option. However, this option doesn't allow you to record menus/dialog windows you may open in FL Studio while you're recording videos.

  • Add audio: Sources > Click the + button > Audio Input Capture > Device > CABLE Output (VB-Audio Virtual Cable)

  • Adjust Mixer levels as needed

    Press the cog > Advanced Audio Properties to change additional audio settings such as Volume, Downmix to Mono, Panning, Sync Offset (latency), etc.

  • Controls > Start Recording

    The Start Recording button changes to the Stop Recording after you press it.